Year: 1942

Size: 8x11 Inches

Condition: A-


  • An extremely rare US printed herald for quite possibly the most famous movie of all time! This herald was produced during the movies original release and features the much sought after US ‘One Sheet’ poster artwork (these posters sell for tens of thousands of US dollars). To date I have never seen another US printed original release herald for this movie appear on the market!

    This particular herald was used by the Coliseum Theatre in Kuala Lumpur at the end of World War 2 after the occupying Japanese Forces had surrendered and was no doubt a favorite of Allied forces who were stationed there after the war!

    US Heralds usually had the same artwork as the standard ‘One Sheet’ poster (as is the case here) and once received by the theatre, additional information would be printed on the rear, such as the theatre’s location, specific show times and possibly what was showing next. These would then be handed out on the street corner etc. (much like flyers today). For this reason, they were more often than not discarded and of course not all theatres would request them at all, meaning that some titles rarely ever appear on the collector market.

    This exceedingly rare herald has the following issues of note: discolouration/browning to the whiteness of the paper itself (which is to be expected for a ‘disposable’ piece of paper that was printed 75 years ago) and a slight bleed through of the printed text on the rear (as shown). Please see the images and grading guide below for more information.

    This browning (caused by the papers acid content over time) could be addressed by having a qualified poster restorer (see our Services section) lightly bleach it. However I personally would leave it ‘as is’ rather than risk lightening the artwork.